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I'm Drew Fustin. I live in the peaceful Forest Glen neighborhood of Chicago with my wife, three kids, and dog. I'm somewhat of a data leader, having over a decade of experience building data organizations and developing machine learning products, at companies ranging from pre-Series A startups to post-IPO megaliths. I've created and managed data teams, and I've built and maintained software from end-to-end: infrastructure + feature engineering + model training + service deployment. You can find out more about me or schedule some of my time using those links above in the header.

Under the LLC-pseudonym of De Facto Labs, I provide consulting and contracting services for early- to mid-stage tech companies across the breadth of the data science and data engineering disciplines.

In another life, I received my PhD in physics from the University of Chicago for studying dark matter by looking for tiny bubbles in a glass jar filled with fire suppressent over a mile underground in an active Canadian nickel mine. As you do.