No, no – this isn’t a map of that fondue restaurant’s locations.
This is the real deal: America’s culinary diversity splayed out on an interactive map.
GrubHub works with more than 20,000 restaurants in 500+ cities, and we’ve got restaurants in our network representing a whopping 69 different ethnic cuisines. So after schooling ourselves in the cultural buffet that is America, we cobbled together this map, which tracks both the demand for and availability of America’s top ethnic cuisines.

Go ahead and click around to watch the trends blossom across this immaculate digital representation of our great Union. Select "All" and click on a major U.S. city to see how popular ethnic cuisines fare. Select an ethnic cuisine to see the cities where the cuisine ranks most popular, and click on a particular city to see how diner orders compare to restaurant offerings.

Percentage of GrubHub orders in each city from a restaurant serving a particular ethnic cuisine
Percentage of GrubHub restaurants in each city that offer a particular ethnic cuisine