About Me

The Fustin Family, May 2015

I'm a resident of Chicago's West Loop neighborhood, having lived in the city since 2004.

I came here to attend a PhD program in the Department of Physics at the University of Chicago. There, I worked with the COUPP collaboration on a dark matter direct detection experiment, looking for signals of WIMP-nucleon scattering in a superheated CF3I bubble chamber located at SNOLAB, in an active nickel mine over a mile underground in Canada. As you do.

I'm the Lead Data Scientist at SpotHero, an on-demand solution to help drivers find their perfect parking spot, reserved ahead of time often at rates much lower than you'd find if you just drove up to the garage. What's not to love?

Prior to this, I was a Data Scientist at Digital H2O, a Chicago-based SaaS startup focusing on providing descriptive and predictive water intelligence for the oil and gas industry, and also the Insights Analyst with GrubHub, where I helped to turn food facts into media content for the Public Relations/Marketing Department and transform diner and restaurant data into actionable initiatives/products within the organization.

In my short time in tech, I've been a part of a merger between two billion dollar companies, a very successful IPO, and a startup funding round and eventual acquisition.

I live with my wife Alexis and daughter June. I love spending time with my family, working on random data projects, football (Go Patriots and Buckeyes!), and making a good cocktail.


Updated 5/11/2015


Mappin' the Melting Pot
GrubHub interactive d3.js graphic based on cuisine supply/demand

74,476 Reasons You Should Always Get The Bigger Pizza [Quoctrung Bui, Planet Money]
Article/interactive graphic on pizza size economics, based on data provided by GrubHub

Bitter Weather, Sweet Tips [Sasha Konovalova/Casey N. Cep, New Yorker]
Article/interactive graphic on the relationship between inclement weather and tipping in New York, based on data provided by GrubHub

Wells Report Critical Science Articles [New England Patriots]
From the Patriots-produced 'The Wells Report in Context' site offering a rebuttal to the Wells Report.

Your Guide to Deflategate/Ballghazi-Related Statistical Analyses [Neil Paine, FiveThirtyEight]
Article summarizing the statistical analyses surrounding the Patriots deflated ball conspiracy

Another Data Point [Jordan Ellenberg, Slate]
Another article discussing the Patriots fumble rate

Commandant Goodell's Kangaroo Court [Seth Stevenson, Slate]
A Patriots fan at Slate arguing against the Wells Report punishment

Don't Deflate the Science [Rich Levine, CSNNE]
An article discussing the flawed scientific findings of the Wells Report

Roger Goodell has one credible option on DeflateGate; will he take it? [Sally Jenkins, Washington Post]
An article suggesting an appropriate NFL response to Tom Brady's Wells Report appeal


PhD Dissertation:
"First Dark Matter Limits from the COUPP 4 kg Bubble Chamber at a Deep Underground Site"

Phys. Rev. D 88, 021102 (2013): arXiv
"Direct Measurement of the Bubble Nucleation Energy Threshold in a CF3I Bubble Chamber"

Phys. Rev. D 86, 052001 (2012): arXiv
"First dark matter search results from a 4-kg CF3I bubble chamber operated in a deep underground site"

Phys. Rev. Lett. 106:021303 (2011): arXiv
"Improved Limits on Spin-Dependent WIMP-Proton Interactions from a Two Liter CF3I Bubble Chamber"